Spring Summer Replica Handbag Prada, All Show OL Wind

In order to make today's theme of "fantasy girl" have a proper opening, this house every under your seat had placed a box of chocolates. replica handbag chanel,This also is this season Emporio Armani (apragaz Rio Armani) the latest fashion show source of inspiration.
 Nearly all the models are wearing shiny small jacket and narrow leg skirt, plus stretchable gauze, such collocation became the runway thematic.

 Another patination tabby gauze,replica handbag prada middle zipper small horn skirt, thin shoulder twill line cocktail party dress. Use a feature throughout the series, Armani wind is typical of the series' most laudable place than can be used for everyday wear clothing, such as on body small jacket,

slightly rounded hem gloss coat.replica handbag cheap Their raw material is expensive "bucky and leaf fiber, Amarni use of the raw materials of always than it looks expensive a lot. replica handbag coach Then, we will appear before the jacket and pants plus chunk of gold foil sequins, this is the true "welding leather joining together".


Classical Fashion Chanel Bags For Cheap

Dark heavy black ash to wait commonly is mass-tone tone of choice for winter clothing, so when you'll need a paragraph is colorful bags to break all this, let a person shine at the moment. Simple and agile paragraph, tie-in metal chain shoulder straps, double row car line rhombohedrons lattice novel design is unique, create classic package money.
Contracted metal ring modelling makes bags extraordinary, is a section can let you go shopping along with the gender in joint,chanel bags for sale
Although simple, but very beautiful. Pure and fresh quietly elegant, modelling is concise and easy, tie-in any dress is very good oh.
Classic college sail cloth, the style that restore ancient ways is always the favorite. Take it, show fashion snowboarding progresses.
Simple and agile paragraph, tie-in metal chain shoulder straps,chanel bags for cheap  double row car line rhombohedrons lattice novel design is unique, create classic package money.
The most elegant modelling, fusion knitting leather face, make fashionable element perfect union. Immediately make you pure and fresh and free from vulgarity is full of sequins bag body is very beautiful and elegant model design makes the whole bag sends out the fashionable glamour.
Fashion is tie-in essential elements, driving the popular tassel new trend. chanel bags 2010 Relaxed and concise appearance emits green breath.
Abstract flower design, like a woman protean beautiful imagination. Sweet joker style lets a bag more practical.
Classic candy colors, fashionable joker. Stripe aglet emanate recreational flavor, simple and not easy outdated. chanel bags for sale
Rectangle sequins individuality shone and make full of luxury bags aesthetic feeling. Tie-in metal chain, simple sense the instantaneous promotion.

Simple and agile line, there are no complicated decorate,  chanel bags online but can send out a unique style, contracted but lack no fashion sense.


Winter Practical Chanel Bags For Sale Most Fashion This Year

Chanel (Chanel bag spring vacation series) 2011 new modelling is contracted, replica handbag coach is bright, believe to be on holiday travel companion oh
One paragraph appropriate bag like adorn diamond, can let you glittering in bag style of growing prosperity then choose what kind of bag? Now we start by international big-name daily life outfit, for our revelation of the most popular joker pop package money.
Super portable packing into the whole winter
Concise design, elegant black,replica handbag chanel,,nude color, make liked simplicity are very yearning, and in a head it is dye-in-the-wood big! You'll have plenty of trivial things, for example, protect wet face creams scarf, assured the gloves etc large handbag satisfy all your requirements, you can as big as a simple windbreaker, black pants and render can reveal this kind of replica handbag cheap atmosphere, of course you can according to his figure characteristics, play an artist, a reasonable suggestion is little girl should be avoided by choice bags, because bulky purses will let a figure appears more short.


We rely on what gives a person leave deep impression? The lively personality, special temperament, or a pair of beautiful shoes, a different replica handbag cheap , with many high-key vogue is beautiful bag bag compared, this section is simply the lowest, luxuriant rivet full Mosaic pleather bottom, when it is correct in its Windows, you may not find his window place, perhaps is because it so the low-key will be more big adored, sometimes, showing off also can choose low-key.
Will the chain in the package of sewing two side, covering with directly is glaring chain, such letup contracted excellent design, there was a real to admire! Black and silver metal, combined with low-key and the sparkle of the good interpretation, make this bag is very joker, theside as carry a root delicate chain, you don't even need glaring regalia, pieces of a black sweater is foils so MiaoMan and elegant, in collocation jumper should pay attention to the chain may and wool entanglements oh, modelling sweater knot smoke line is not too good!


Joker Fashion Chanel Bags 2010

Every day the OL very busy, everyday is busy in attending meetings, see guest, travel etc. Work, therefore spend in the mind also reduce dressed. But if you need time customer facing,replica handbag cheap no beautiful dress up can show a company's good image? And a fashionable handbags is tie-in key, if you use a different style of tie-in bag occasions modelling super sexy amorous feelings with knot tassel smoke PUCK star texture of the chain +

 aglet + woman flavour flood elegant artistic feeling agaric side pockets + design feels dye-in-the-wood fiery mushroom nail and one!!! Personality super rich one paragraph bag 2010 chun xia's popular bucket bag, in euramerican street pats on the frequency of the occurrence of a quite high. PU fabric triangle shape splicing design, big this year heat. Plus tassel ornament, forever romantic French amorous feelings! Joker classic

Boston bag type, replica handbag chanel,,etc are produced Balenciaga call this paragraph, it is a big star taste, but also by melting is love, same OL of MM is also one of its warm praise highly gens of those new imitation beach wool fabrics: oh, suede skin.such cover, macrame class, rivet ironed ablazely process. Now this time back not suited again! Sweet day fastens hippie wind of what, melting schoolgirl must!chanel bags 2010 Not say more, direct pictures!

I like carrying my bag - this is all watercress literary young fan favourites group name. Winter, put his hands be warm shrinkage in cage stuck in his pocket sleeve,replica handbag coach let such a small woolly backpack to ease the warm a neatly-pressed in their backs and comfortably enjoy winter cools the sunshine!


Replica Handbag Chanel Rose Prices

Only buy the most expensive don't buy the best, very suitable for luxury goods purchase
,,replica handbag cheap  (Louis vuitton)'s performance will be by the economic crisis blow, but the replica handbag coach  price shall never be economic situation influence. It is almost certain that the future these luxuries will become more and more expensive. Although replica handbag chanel such as luxury Chanel 2010 collective prices, but by 2011 even prices rise again.

The official rhetoric is big, considering the change such as raw materials, exchange rates, so in the global scope to raise prices. In the economic crisis in the most severe cases, luxury group performance frustrated reported all over the place. The author in Hong Kong's love MaShi store see such scene: a respectable girl eye on a paragraph of stock to wrap, entreaty spoke to the clerk said "please understand my heart, my cousin's birthday is coming soon, and I will send her a present for her unforgettable gift". Clerk almost used diplomatic language reply customers "I understand your's heart. But I'm sorry to keep you waiting
replica handbag chanel
replica handbag prada  brand such as internationalization operation of the first necessity is in China such as strong consumption areas established sales system. Prices for the emerging market left enough profit space. Also remedies of luxury for global economic crisis frustrated profits.
Especially, its full control of the value chain of chanel bags online of all links, both brand owners and manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers. Prices made a generous multilayer profits.


Replica Handbag Prada 2011 Spring Summer Bags And New Products

PRADA 2011 chun xia, assessing the opening of the season in blazing new orange, of bright and beautiful of green, dazzling royal uniform blue...replica handbag coach A high purity colourful color hit the line of sight of people. Style restoring ancient ways of handbags in 2011 of chun xia season is still popular, with just qiu dong different is, to 2011 chun xia, restore ancient ways style also in, but the color is bright exaggerated to many. Enjoy together the color fashion show it.
This new PRADA bags to shield of fractal bag buckles is a type, plus dazzling royal uniform blue, even if men square briefcase style, same very attractive.
This type of replica handbag cheap portable briefcase, dark grey alternate with stripe, perfect handicraft, classical and modern design, it is your commute recreational good choice.
This only PRADA (PRADA) handbags, small bag body deft nifty. Black, white, brown of lively colour is tie-in bring cheerful mood, with some male colour briefcase style emits bisexual temptations.
This style bag, white bag body collocation dazzling royal uniform blue shield of fractal bag buckles, delicate and fashionable design lets you fondle admiringly of bright and beautiful of green single shoulder bag, bright colourful powder dazzling CaoLu will spring in the air to our side.
This type of replica handbag chanel,,single shoulder bag big but using the bright-coloured color, design continue nostalgic the style that restore ancient ways, cabinet and delicate, no matter how collocation are lasting appeal is dye-in-the-wood.
This style bag full of fairy tales colorific PRADA design, full of romantic atmosphere, present a dreamy colorful visual effect, the performance of the incisively and vividly to luxuriant rock style of interpretation.

PRADA2011 chun xia on beautiful field, PRADA fashion brand emphasizing creative, added many art elements. This style bag is the same nostalgic the style that restore ancient ways, bright people bring strong visual sensory impact.


Vogue Replica Handbag Cheap Yourself Spell Is Afraid of Nothing "Bump Package"

Move the scissors and needle, vogue bag spell it
The henan business reporter YangDongHua/perturbation
The henan business reporter ZhengXue
Speaking of manual, many people's first reaction is cross-stitch, then you have a little OUT. Now the tide people already "predisposed toward", has played in last few years popular "quilts project".

In zhongyuan road a nearby shops,replica handbag prada has a small regional hung manual spell cloth bag, zero purse, mobile phone bag and so on diverse quilts commodity, every single product is quite unique style, design and color is different, here can see belongs to own quilts practical replica handbag chanel,
Low carbon project
Fabric needle is also cannot little

Citizens liu except "white-collar" identity outside, she was a "spell beier person". Lau introduces, was initially online join some handmade quilt group, met some like doing manual friend, usually under manual achievement, communication network marketing works in a long time, customers all over the world, again, after their works on a few friends store,replica handbag coach, so the customer can see here entity commodity, like it, you can directly buy.
"Commodity features beautiful cloth". Liu said, the novice by ordinary cotton flower cloth, if want to make quilts effect more personality, special, you need to "losing some foreign cotton print.
"My goods basic is imported fabric and suture, variety, simple sense is good also, the most typical is the cloth with the different pieced together new style, with a unique sense."
Quilts belong to needlework, needle of course cannot little. First will use a ruler, hits the version drawings, design purses,replica handbag cheap.  according to the design process and so on, is to cut splicing cloth more precise.
Low carbon cooperation
Looking for hypostatic store the consignee


Fashionable Dress The Best Accessories Tide Replica Handbag Prada Sur-prise

PChristmas, New Year, we should not only show costumes, deserve nothing less ah, match on one style is contracted fashionable bag that is benevolent this grand and happy day we must keep the replica handbag cheap feast show exactly oh, because she itself, is a charming scenery.

Concise air replica handbag chanel,,, no one paragraph too luxuriant adornment, but get the line but very exquisite workmanship, very big feeling. More significant is nifty and lovely!
Design is filled with a deep breath, and flowery costly restore ancient ways the distinctive temperament! The angel of the circus design collection in its design works! Classic eternal!
Recent search cool family also launched several paragraph about claddaugh rotates inside a traditionally-designed box package, hope to queer and bring the unexpected surprises! Whether do you also have persevering in the campus lawn looking for that can bring you lucky claddaugh rotates inside a traditionally-designed box, people always say,replica handbag coach find out the claddaugh rotates inside a traditionally-designed box will find happiness.
This year's mainstream tassel worthy of is element, tassel side of rivet ornament, but also make the finishing point, the other side plus rivet protection, let whole package money look more have safe feeling and fashionable feeling!
Cixin bags and Rinka MINA magazine of pear-flower-spear plus white-ape-cudgel watches with big feeling, the tassel design weight feels dye-in-the-wood vertical compose tassel lines!replica handbag pradaWith the natural walking and swinging effect!


Don't Move My Chanel Bags 2010

2010 year end, Christmas comes before, "Martin" occur again, but this time not previously cited for deep apply "a steamed bun initiation murder", this murder and no fighting, and traces of the dispute. Nor Chen big director and a netizen happen alternative sexual murder, because this does not face a bloodbath plagiarism and self hype borrow celebrity famous original intention,chanel bags for sale but the big director Chen, "don't move my mantou" murder, compared to the "murder" more class, this is the one chanel 2.55 series bag triggered "Martin." this is a wae livelihoods and prepare often for Christmas "shopping reexplain, he will happen at this end of December avelers.
This "don't move my chanel bag" murder filled with a comedy, but also will trigger a not small billows, perhaps originally planned people also have never thought this plan will become later time bombs, it and the 2010 at the end of a treasure hunter trip relevant, the scene is very exciting, because involve is too broad, so also will YinDong hot effect, the treasure big activities for the open time on December 21, wants to be involved in all you need is 10 yuan, and carry their own mobile phones can.
The origin of the murder happened is - 21, "national treasure" big, insomnia mad rob the great promote an unusual, 5 fold, red envelopes, bag mail, seconds, a big party kill all cannot little, cell phone taobao also innovation "in 60 seconds" large Christmas mad rob treasure hunt in a rapidly activity, have a chanel 2.55 series bag, price is a penny... Hence, female white-collar crazy, drive male white-collar crazy, this price again drive female students' crazy,chanel bags for cheap
 then male students and crazy, finally the peoples of spelling a hand, who dare touch my chanel bag.
Actually, "in 60 seconds" in addition to the apples Air bags, and sweet nai notebook, kadeya watches, series of Japan, dior clots travel packages walt Disney World JinYan suit, nikon D90 set of machine (with 18-105MM lens), the byd autos f0 and assist card Iraq Carla diamond ring. These price is a penny. So, kids will not only be a piece, shopping is not only a group of people.
21 0 points, three points and nine o 'clock, 12 o 'clock, 15 points, 18 points, 21 points, 23 points this eight on the hour time, is this activity of murder "happening" of time, because every five minutes before there were buried, they in turn cheque-book gift is respectively: apple laptop, chanel 2.55 series Air bags, kadeya of watches, Japan walt Disney World clots travel packages, dior JinYan suit, nikon D90 set of machine (with 18-105MM lens), the byd autos f0 and assist card Iraq Carla diamond ring.
The eight time intervals and more surprise, because in luxury while, still have the basic necessities, beer and skittles various gift sent out, each present a number of small! For example: samsung B500 CDMA mobile phone, SONY Ericsson a S700c/sakura, DuoPuDa T7373, iHKC clamps its X1, nokia nokia 5230XM, G8, lenovo Ideapad HTC Z360 (inevitable pink), Canon digital cameras SD1300 (IXUS105), SONY digital camera W350, TCL ultra-thin LED LCD TV, Canon PowerShot blu-ray Internet SX30 extents.
There is more lovely estee lauder red pomegranate suit, bear boiled eggs device, TianYu mobile phones, double platoon to buckle coats, woollen coat, Japan master designs rainbow edition snow boots and swarovski crystal, new fund han2 ban3 long luxurious bad-tail wedding gown, gourmet surface with large size shawls, anti-radiation maternity.
And any family needs: ou shi, wrought iron crystal bedroom lamps and lanterns, high-end multistage cyclone vacuum cleaners, oblique LiuHaiXiu face long hair, various coats, men straight canister jeans, BoSiDeng bamboo carbon fiber body-contouring nine minutes of pants, leather tassel boots with boots, ou Aaron fort winter new warm cotton boots, Disney/Cuties bowknot handbag etc...
Participate in "in 60 seconds" activity is very simple, please see the following rules:
Participants in December 21, on that day, in taobao "universal crazy grab" in order purchase more than $10 worth of merchandise, will obtain attends mobile taobao "in 60 seconds" qualifications, then when complete payment, they could get in the mobile phone taobao longer 60 seconds free shopping time. Users on the computer to pay after the completion of the specified page immediately got out mobile phone in an above photographed the display of any given commodity. If successful, this photographed products will receive free.
This activity because it is and speed in spelling,chanel bags online so extremely interesting, and participants need not consider a matter of time, because the day thousands of goods will wait for all-weather your participation and person you may, cell phone will build taobao history most, the longest, commodity the highest value of free time shopping is a new record, the participants need only in practice becomes law, can more luxury and value-added gifts to take home.
A wide range of commodities, 8 on the hour period, 21 24 hours a day 1,440 minutes, hides great excitability, and great kids, this will make all participants in 1,440 minutes of free time, enjoy mad shopping frenzy, mobile rob taobao will prepare for all users more than 10 million pieces of Christmas over 1000 million goods, is tremendous reward!
If you have not registered dragons, hurriedly registered taobao account (qiang. Taobao. Com), and taobao account login m.t aobao.chanel bags 2010 J cell phone taobao (com), participating in the activity of the time want to stay logged in.
After landing, in taobao "universal crazy grab" activities in the purchase of 10 yuan goods (mall commodities, air tickets, lottery except), obtain a mobile phone taobao 60 seconds free shopping time, complete with 10 yuan goods payment instantaneous, 60 seconds countdown namely began. In 60 seconds with mobile phone landed m.t aobao. Com, claimed 60 seconds free shopping time.
Obtain mobile taobao 60 seconds free shopping time, can a penny mikey person you may babies, if current goods that can be purchased, they beat a person you may, if slow will be others robbed, but also can wait for the next 60 seconds of commodities. In addition a penny namely every commodity price $0.01, dragons provisions goods cannot zero yuan, so please ensure pay treasure to at least a penny. In 60 seconds free shopping time after a successful person you may, must complete payment in 30 minutes, more than time vendors will shut trade.
In addition to attention is to maintain sufficient mobile phone battery, eyes also should be more flexible, and family lovers together crazy robbed. And early test network environment, landing mobile taobao time (wifi / 3G/general network), to select the fastest way to open the page snatching gift.
Shopping last point, we need to be in paid treasure cartoon endures need money to pay more than others, can be swift, thereby winning gift to some more.replica handbag chanel,replica handbag coach,replica handbag cheap If you are worried about the personal potential stretch solitary, also can form a team, take turns operation, good packets into efficiency, make a private small competition to see who more agile have more speed and lucky degrees, such word lack "extreme 60 seconds" there will be more stories appear, certainly win the gift will also beyond personal range.

Who moved my chanel bag, go mobile taobao in 60 seconds. The last drop ofblood!


The Tie-in Skills Replica Handbag And Clothe

Different color clothes and bags of tie-in skill
First, the collocation of white clothes and bag
White is the most holy color, personal feeling is dressed up best effect of color, the color is more suitable for light color attune of replica handbag chanel,,and the collocation with. White leisure assembly with weak yellow bag, color soft coordinate; Match with lavender also do not lose a successful combination, match with weak pink bags can give a person gentle elegant feeling. White zhiyezhuang comparison for lavender and similar tonal bags to match, the effect good. Red and white combination more daring, fashion, appear enthusiasm and natural and unrestrained, in sharp contrast, white component is heavier, feel the softer.
Second, blue clothes and meltingiron collocation
The blue dress most easily with all kinds of color is tie-in, whether approximate replica handbag coach on black or dark blue, blue were easy collocation, and blue have very good tightening accept body effect, is crazy show figure's first choice. Blue coat collocation red bag, can make the person appear enchanting, handsome, Match grey bag, with conservative combination, but overall feeling is more lively (highly recommended have fine lines of gray, can be very good add elegant temperament); With lavender bag is tie-in, feeling more subtle, With white bag collocation naturally, blue white collocation itself more general, if intentionally inadvertently join in purple ingredients, will smooth add a few mature urban flavor. Color more deeply, especially the approximate to the black suit, cooperate the color blue professional secretive bag for attend some formal place, not only bright and ornaments decent, curve with a kind of lightsome charming romantic breath.
Three, black clothes and meltingiron collocation
Black belong to composed with mystery, no matter what color and put together, will not have amorous feelings one time, so the press always feel choose black people, mostly wise man, absolutely first-class. Red and black collocation itself is classical, black and white collocation is never antiquated optimal combination, even with a little too difficult to match cream-colored is tie-in, can do if it is a style to agree, the effect is almost unparalleled words, sunshine, halfback, fashion, youth, similar words would continuously surged to your name. Then it's ok to steal a joy to go.
Four, brown clothes and meltingiron collocation
The collocation with brown clothes replica handbag cheap is more onefold, with white collocation can very good give a person a kind of pure sense, suit to pure little girl; Conservative dark brown match with red bag, vivid, handsome clinking, Brown clothes match with with color bags effect also good, but not both identical and requirements with the grid brown and plain brown collocation can reflect elegant mature, material quality of a material of different brown collocation easily through the texture of the difference, outstanding contrast, show distinctive grade.
Five, purple clothes and meltingiron collocation
Purple mature grace is showily, to clothing texture, work is demanding, the same for the matching bag requirement also relatively strict, but is often the most difficult tie-in color, just the most can manifest the wearer elegant noble artistically and scroll gas charm. Lavender is suitable for color close romantic and shoulds not be too deep bag is tie-in, appear elegant calm; Deep purple dress is showily, suitable for color relatively close also shoulds not be too bright color bags with collocation, revealed in showily in dignity and generous.
Six, recommend green and yellow or yellowish color bags between collocation
Can give a person with the feeling of spring, not only simple but elegant appropriately, and fair maiden flavour is extremely heavy. Light green and yellow, shallow blue light kermes, such as light color attune bags tie-in effect is good also, elegant, natural and pure.
Seven, cream-colored clothes and meltingiron collocation
Cream-colored implicative and elegant, anacreontic but not dazzling, as the MM common colour, but because she is contracted with rich intellectual beauty for professional suit, therefore in the selection and beige suits collocation bags when, should pay attention to and bag style, artistically whether can its matching, unfavorable choose too heavy and complicated is too make public too avant-garde replica handbag prada to suit beige suits integral style.
Zhiyezhuang collocation principles. Career has very long time activities in the office, so should choose more lower purity color, one is easily with other color coordination, Luck is easy to increase interpersonal harmonious feeling kind, and to create the atmosphere of cooperation, Meanwhile low purity can give a person with humility, tolerance, mature feeling, and help to increase the distance between person and person, reduce crowded move to individual greater space, make the job easier to obtain others' recognition, low purity color easy collocation characteristics, can be limited clothing and bags collocation gives abundant combination, give life add a lot of window.
Bags for women how important? So say! Most of the female friends may have such experience: just go out with no bag, can have a sense of insecurity.replica handbag prada used not only for storage, protect those who must take out things, but overall modelling savoured pointer.
Ever heard a brand-name clothing manager said that his judgment on whether the client potentially purchasing power, and not to see the clothes she wears, but by observing her bags. He thinks that choose, the difficulty of tie-in bag than wear clothes, a woman savour, often from how bags can "see" micro know that. Know how to choose and buy bag is not enough and they will know how collocation to just go!
Packet and dress collocation:
Package bag is most ladies carry-on, inside the wallet, make-up box, key, toilet paper. A wisp of packet bag style varities, have top-grade cow leather purse. Sheep. Pig bag bag, light. The deerskin leather, also has the opposite of skin, and with all sorts of cloth is made of jewelry sachets. The color is mostly brown bag. Black. Green. There are many white bag, this kind of small bag main collocation some women feeling strong suit. Dress, in colour collocation, the colour with shoe bag of different colors, such as wear blue white coat, blue skirt. Small bags and the color that chooses white shoes, look very relaxed, Can also with clothing color photograph collocation, be like to wear cream-colored clothing can match brown packet, wear cool color garment matchs grey. Blue leather bag, packet because the area is lesser, had better choose packing so nicely tailored enuine leather packet.
Pack and dress collocation:
Now people in daily life the pursuit of a natural. Relaxed atmosphere, casual wear will come into being, and recreational outfit matching bag bag also got the favour of people. These big bag bag mostly in the bag inside contain facilitate containing money and notes of zipper bag a small bag. The color and colour and modelling also is each are not identical, shoulders, single shoulder bag, handbag, grid cloth, canvas, cloth and leather optional combination, and red, yellow, and blue arbitrary is tie-in, can make the big-hearted. Unrestrained recreation bag. This kind of bag and clothes. Professional sportswear can be collocation gives optional and elegant style, such as travel bag, still can back mountain climbing bag large, like a small hotel and filled them with daily life necessary supplies, very convenient. Its design is like a small backpack, some waist and a fixed waistband. Walk. Mountaineering are not easily shaking, practical and convenient, there is a large bag is handbag mini, after open, inside the store travel necessities space design is very reasonable, this is administrative personnel travel on the best choice.
Quantity: try to only back a bag
Your body only back or carrying a bag, looks will neat. If you want to get things really too much, must repacking into two bags, best can be "a back mention", namely a with backpacks, another with handbag ways to handle, the backpack and handbag in addition to have "the cent of size", also should avoid to use the same series products, overall modelling look will lightsome and lively.
Match colors: can tie-in dress, belts, shoes or silk scarves
In the past, everyone feels bag colors followed shoes and belt walk, is the most is not an error of tie-in means. But such tie-in means it is not absolute. In fact, bag and clothes, belts, can shoes, even is the silk scarves match each other:
1. "with color" collocation method: bag and clothes are fastens with color deep shallow tie-in means, can build a very elegant feeling, for example: dark brown suit + camel's hair bag.
2. "imprinting" collocation method: bag and clothes can also be sharp contrast color, this will be a very eye-catching tie-in means. For example: black suit + red sashes + red bag + black high-heeled shoes.
3. "neuter color + 1 ornament color" collocation method: namely neuter color garment deserves to go up, so tie-in colour ornament bags will make you very well, for example: the color of camel's hair dress + sky-blue bag + camel's hair high-heeled shoes.
4 and clothes printing color echo collocation method: bag color can be the dress of a color printing, such as: olive bottom, cream-colored, coffee printing dress + brown bag + brown high-heeled shoes.
31.women remember kindled a chanel bags for cheap in the mirror
Every time before going out, must remember back or carrying bag picture systemic lens, spend a little time to reviewing overall modelling, see whether bags and systemic dress collocation, no problem after go out again, beauty and charm will all day ruyingsuixing land follow you!
The person of different disposition to carry different replica handbag prada wear different clothes and different bag undertakes collocation, it is very important in girl's body. About clothes and meltingiron collocation can reference the four:
Dress and bags: fabrics with color photograph to coordinate
If you are a Angle vogue girl, love to wear fashion clothes, that should choose and popular tone harmonious kit: If you love to wear a pure color clothes, that should give oneself match a few bright-coloured color, flowery bag. If love to wear a T-shirt, sportswear etc tomboy clothing, aeriform nylon, plastic, thick canvas kind of "hard bag", If love to wear a knit unlined upper garment, the shirt of dress girls gas etc, then the match a few bud silk, hemp or soft cotton such as "soft bag". Of course, fabric transform, packet texture also needs corresponding change.
Face shape and bags: sofe
If you have clear, eyebrow peak features highlights, zygomatic highlight such a little boy flavour face, had better choose striped masculine gas bags, But with eyes, nose circle circle, heart-shaped face gentle girl smell etc, had better choose real girl with a string of beads, paillette lovely bag.
Height and bags: length phase filling
When lane-packing, bag under your armpit while the thickness is a must pay attention to the problem. Breast enhancement, thick waist girl aeriform thin thin rectangle kit: And the chest be so-so, shape is like boys girl should choose thick triangle bag. If you prefer baggy bag, that must consider height. Height in 165cm above girl, optional length about 60cm, can dress vertical magazine into packets, And 157cm below the height? And optional sword-boat, can cross dressing about 50cm magazine into the bag.
Function and bags: beautiful and convenient
Choose handbags, see the surface is important, also cannot ignore other functions. Some packages attached to the outside a mobile phone and bags, bag also can put pen, a lot more convenient. Some packages with smaller outfit change, such as the key to the outside FuXiao bag, can be described as "consider", use rise particularly convenient.
"The queen with a handbag, in her home with a handbag..." This is David Beckham at Buckingham Palace to accept the queen Elizabeth issued by the OBE medal after come back, to wife Victoria words. It is said that in westerners there, they said to be a handbag is perfect dress up full point, let us imagine this scene: don't go to Bob, wear the diamond stud earrings, finish brush final layer eyelash creams, then cut in front of a mirror for a gorgeousness drape, in after all that, finally been staged, because you carry on the hand bag, if no packets, estimates that many women can't look as go out.
In the female fashion history, I'm afraid not which adorn article can be like packet such in the lives of women occupy so pivotal position, in a social situation pop a word: "the man watch, women see chanel bags for sale." Packet to the woman, like cars for men, power for politicians that, full of magnet as great magic. Christian Lacroix master world fashion (Christine · pulling kua) once said: "I have always fascinated for components, for the integral style collocation, fittings has finally and decisive role." The stage of the fashion after many years of harships ablution, this sentence today has become the golden rule. Package is no longer a single deserve to act the role of, its own modern degree, it and dress collocation, between has risen to about the status of individual grade.
Close the luxury of
A costly wrapped in daily life, the role of like "Cinderella" ZhongXian female of the wand, it can make person master consciously has been attunements into peoples attention. At present, that appeared on the market price is as high as tens of thousands of yuan of luxury brand bag is not uncommon, but they are never as it is a woman with enthusiasts. Anyone wanting to buy such as Dior today season new bag, only rich is impossible, still need in long shopping lists on waiting for months. And like Gucci and call these appeared in a magazine cover big star shoulders of luxury brand bag, ordinary woman might only after several eye out.
When a woman to afford expensive famous-brand suit, owning a bag, can with tide synchronous forward. Especially for like extremely brief dress up girl speaking, if no one seems enough quality, enough special packets to foil, seem too disappoint fashion taste. A from of masterpieces handbag, not only the price may be higher systemic regalia, eye-catching degree has also from supporting identity, become the spotlight focus the object of Angle.
Every woman has suit oneself grade bag, so, you pick the right?
Outspread vision a bag three roles
A. bag is intimately loves
Women go out street nearly 100 per cent to satchel, so in the mind just have a kind of reliable dependably sense; If the body without a little weight load, pour will feel liushenwuzhu. Women love to the pack reflects the maslow's hierarchy of needs of physiological needs - security is above the instinct of the need. When women from home to go out there and wider world, it is bag, to their subconscious an emotional attachment.
B. bag is the boudoir in close friends
If you open a woman's bag, that will be a make a man puzzle and surprised the world. Little space, disorderly been lined up lipstick, eyebrow pencil, perfume, keys, wallet, the telephone, mobile phone, photographs, etc., can look from appearance, the vulture only exquisite trendy bag, still coquettish features make, without any RongZa FanLuan feeling. Package is like women's maiden in close friends or parents, not only the most know too much, still can substitute you whitewashes it.
C. bag is private modelling division
Package is a woman social status as well as the symbol of the best dress collocation daily accessories. For women of all ages are concerned, get a bag is a joy of things, but also change the mood of the way. Woman choice bag attitude meticulosity and different styles of tie-in and different clothes, cooperate with different occasions. Woman bought new clothes, you should buy a new shoes, new trousers, new bag to match, and enthusiastic.


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"Man's watch, women see package" just as its name implies, replica handbag chanel,replica handbag pradawatch is a man symbolize success, but a woman's taste and identity will depend on or ku or back bags to reveal. Let's count the rectilinear fashion decades and has been in the top 10 of status unattainable bag...
NO. 1 love MaShi "Birkin"replica handbag coach,with the French actress like some more Birkin was named the best bag worthy head in fashionable circle became riches and honour and elegant pronoun. Whether fashionable circle, business and even political etc brownstone women, have to have a style luxury bags are proud of. Kelly Birkin is in the basis of increasing deepening, remove cover structure, replica handbag cheapbecome already can be used as a travel boarding can also be used as a briefcase Birkin bag. Kelly more leisure than form and free and easy, material and color choices are bigger than Kelly selectivity.

BIRKIN packet size have 30CM, 35CM, 4 45CM 40CM, different choices, cortex but have 90 different materials and colors to choose (cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin, chanel bags 2010 of more precious alligator, an ostrich and lizard skin). Price from the most basic style started, 5 million yuan or so, to the luxury precious for 30 million cortical range.


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The fifth "prophecy and wonders · China most growth xinrui enterprise awards, recently in Shanghai successfully resolved. In this ceremony, domestic Internet fashion bags and suitcases brand wheat get innovation first enterprise prize.
"Prophecy and wonders · China most growth xinrui enterprise" award selection activity, in May 2006 initiated by standard chartered bank, to this year has hosted the 5th. Won wide attention of all social sectors and support. This selection activity witnessed many small and medium-sized enterprises to big, from weak to strong development course, reveal the sme extraordinary energy and motivation.

This year, replica handbag chanel,, organizers joint top Chinese financial media the 21st century business herald, to encourage the small and medium-sized enterprises producing high quality products, committed to sustainable development, technology innovation and explore international development, through in the nationwide universal suffrage and organize experts assess, elect "outstanding quality enterprise award", replica handbag cheap "environmental protection first enterprise award", "innovation first enterprise prize" and "LongYue Chinese enterprise prize" four awards.
With in the fashion bags fields continuously push new and powerful r&d ability, replica handbag coach Michael was awarded "prophecy and bag miracle · China most growth xinrui enterprise prize" innovation first enterprise prize.
Tmac bag in the r&d center of controller tells a reporter, current wheat bag has established "15 days rapid response chain" : from the latest popular element, found to apply to bag design, replica handbag prada complete product hits the version, and small batch pre-sale, just seven days can finish, From design to officially go on sale, are also control within 15 days. And the continuance of wheat bag domestic and international designer team, now has more than 30,000 r&d and design out of different style fashion bags.


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Coach was established in 1941, when for a family business workshops. In the United States mann grams meal city of attic, six craftsmen to generations of manual technology manufactured a series of leather products. Ever since, the Coach's unique manual craft and high quality production by those very cultured quality customer favour.
As business developments, replica handbag prada is still maintained high quality of the materials and process of high quality level, this throughout the brand tenet, Coach is the foundation of success. And Coach peculiar to the American design, superb leather manufacturing technology and the thorough careful service, also become popular with customers of the characteristic of the brand.

American style
In the past ten years, the Coach has become a famous American brand and provide much money male and female assembly ornaments, including handbags, small leather goods, a briefcase, travel goods, shoes, watches, outdoor apparel, scarves, sun glasses, jewelry and perfume series, etc. Product kinds of increased further establish brand's unique style.
The originality
Coach every product is perfect embodiment of the fusion of design and function. Artisans consummate craft in every detail, colorful exterior manifests compose with exquisite accessories, pockets and covering with, all show excellent function, create comfortable extraordinary feeling. All the leather and materials are based on brand consistent criteria strict selection to ensure its perfect quality. replica handbag chanel,, stitched impose double stitches increase its durability. The traditional artificial modification techniques make every fashionable handbags can reveal its unique personality, style and features. Classic twist locks, decorative clasp, bag belt, metal buckles and other details to people all over the world from each fashionable handbags, briefcases and tourism product series belongs to taste the Coach of brand characteristic. Today, it is still a splendid 130-year, like in New York Yankee Stadium that fans for Babe Ruth returns home plate and cheering the same. Brand apart continue to reflect brand tradition of original dark brown leather, still choose the more kinds of leather, fabrics and material, present a more colorful products series.
Rapid development
replica handbag cheap  adopt multi-channel distribution strategy. Nowadays, with more than 350 Coach in the United States between Coach boutiques, distribution in more than 250 city and plan to years opening more new store. Coach more strengthe more stores open between brand monopoly store, in order to strengthen the American market sales network. America and overseas markets, brand products catalog introduction is Coach very important promotional strategies.
The outlook for the future
Coach in the American market instability leading role at the same time,replica handbag coach  still will actively to expand the international distribution market business, attract overseas consumers. At present, the Coach has in more than 20 countries outside of the United States to open outlets and outlets, gradually realize the global development strategy


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Throughout each old brand product, not ugly qiu dong 2010 out this year qiu dongreplica handbag coach
replica handbag cheap  bag
 copolymerization focus: be full of the chain and metallic rivet illuminative wild wind

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, bright face and rock reflective effect is qualitative, animal printing design, interesting textures,
 and ashes and silver regression.replica handbag cheapreplica handbag prada  The top of the fair maiden style with small knapsack
 handle by smooth leather, New Look outline is very fashionable

. Leather or sheep leather let various contour
replica handbag chanel,
leather and shammy reference akiha's color, or from light color cosmetics tonal draw inspiration


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